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Under 12 Corner Rule

This year the 25m rule will be played. The rule is to encourage the goalkeeper to play out to his defenders and restricts the attacking players from 'camping' on the 18 yard box waiting for a misplaced kick from the gk. The requirement is for no attacking player to be in the attacking 25mtr's while the goalkeeper takes a goal kick or free kick in the 18 yard zone. If the goalkeeper picks up the ball in his hands during play the game proceeds as it always has. There for, on a Goal Kick or Free Kick the attacking players must move outside the 25 mtr zone and can only move inside the zone when the ball is touched by the 1st defending (outfield player).* 

This referee is required, during a free kick or goal kick within the 18 yard box to stand 25 mtrs from the goal line and ensure all attacking players are behind them. In the event that an attacking players moves inside the 25 mtrs prior to a defending player touching the ball the kick is retaken and the player reminded of the law.

Home teams will be responsible for placing the agility poles 25 mtrs from each goal line to serve as an indicator for the referee and players.

Corner kicks can be taken 8 mtrs from the penalty box area on the goal line. This rule does not apply to fields 6 and 7 at Jack Brabham Park as they are within the guidelines for this rule.

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