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Submitting Your Weekly Availability to Referee in Dribl

You can submit your weekly availability to referee via Dribl.  Your availability for the following week should be submitted by each Monday evening at 8pm.  The following steps are how you can submit your availability using the Dribl App.

Open the Dribl App

image_123650291 (2).JPG

If your Referee Account is properly linked to your Dribl App the match centre screen will look like this and have a menu items called "Schedule". 

Click On the Schedule Menu Item

Click on the + Button

Select "Add Availability"

When completing the details on your availability please consider the timings of the ODFA timeslots and enter appropriate times such as, if you are playing at 10:25am, and are available to referee either side of that game, please submit 2 availabilities being:

8:30am to 10:20am and then a second availability from 11:45am to 1:10pm.

If you are playing at a particular ground or only available to referee at a particular ground please enter these details in the Notes and then click on Save.  An example of a completed availability form is to shown here.

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