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Meet the 2023 Committee

Please find below the results of the 2022 Committee election held at last Sunday's ODFRA AGM. All positions have been filled by a committee comprising of 8 individuals.

The addition of 2 new committee members further broadens the range of experience and skill-sets which will contribute greatly to the overall strategic plan and objectives of the ODFRA.

We are reassured and confident in being able to continue the widely acknowledged professional growth and strengthening of the ODFRA. We will continue to positively influencing football by providing support to the relevant associations in our district, the wider region and to Football Nsw.

I sincerely thank the 2020/21 Committee for their achievements and warmly welcome the 2021/22 incumbents.


Executive Committee

President - Angus Gorman

Vice President - Adrian Barr

Secretary - Martin Collett

Treasurer - Michael Lewis

Registrar - Michael Lewis

Appointed Officers

Appointments Officer - Angus Gorman and Jack Brakenridge

Association Representative - Andrew Cooper

Coach - Andrew Cooper

Equipment Officer - Michael Lewis

Junior Vice President - Cooper Brakenridge

Member Protection Officer - Mitchell Boland-Nash

Public Officer - Martin Collett

Senior Assessor - Andrew Cooper

 The 2023 ODFRA Committee



Angus Gorman & Michael Lewis

0459 699 970 (Angus)


Vice President

Adrian Barr


Junior Vice President

Cooper Brakenridge


Martin Collett


Treasurer/Registrar/Equipment Officer

Michael Lewis



Andrew Cooper


Appointments Officer

Angus Gorman and Jack Brakenridge

0459 699 970 (Angus)



Andrew Cooper



Michael Lewis

Member Protection Officer

Mitchell Boland-Nash

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